Kingdom Valley Islamabad

All property investors who want to secure their investment in a fully approved and affiliated project should look into the features of Kingdom Valley Islamabad. The government of Pakistan has taken a fantastic initiative with this fascinating project. The most notable feature is the payment plan of Kingdom Valley Islamabad, which is simply shocking for any investor. The housing society has gotten a lot of attention because of its low prices in a city like Islamabad. It may still seem like a pipe dream that homemakers will be able to afford such low-cost land in Islamabad, but Kingdom Valley Islamabad has made it a reality. Obtaining complete information before investing your hard-earned money in any residential project will help you make an informed decision. The best option for booking your plots in a residential project necessitates careful consideration because the property will be used by future generations.

If you are looking for a real estate property in Islamabad that will provide you with a peaceful environment, Kingdom Valley Islamabad is one of the emerging projects with affordable options. Residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad will stand to benefit from the establishment of Kingdom Valley Islamabad. No, Pakistan. The collaborative efforts of the Naya Pakistan housing scheme and Kingdom Valley developers have resulted in an exceptional level of service and expertise at an affordable price. The future-oriented policies instilled in enhancing the project’s premises have gained popularity in the real estate sector in a very short period of time.

Owners and Developers of Kingdom Valley

Kingdom Group of Companies is the only name on the list of developers and owners of Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Although the Government of Pakistan is also involved in sustaining ownership of this prestigious residential project, the kingdom group’s operational teams are fully engaged.

The working experience and project established by that particular company are important features in defining the face of a residential project. The Kingdom group of companies has already introduced innovative and cutting-edge infrastructure in the field of real estate. They have amassed praise and popularity in a short period of time as a result of the high quality of their work in the market. Furthermore, the company’s international exposure has endowed the project with versatility and distinguishing characteristics.

Mr. Ghulam Hussain Shahid, the CEO of Kingdom Group, is a self-made entrepreneur who has laid the groundwork for this magnificent project. The company’s chairman is well-known and respected in the real estate and construction industries. The establishment of the Kingdom group of companies has ushered in a new era of housing development in Islamabad on low-cost land adorned with high-end amenities. The incorporation of elite qualities in the Kingdom group’s construction services while constructing the Kingdom Valley has boosted the project. Among these characteristics or services are the following:

  • Architectural design services.
  • Management and construction responsibilities.
  • Online marketing.
  • Consultation and analysis of developmental techniques
  • Dealing with the media and gaining support for the project.
  • Calibration for sales and after-sales.

It is a complete package that will provide investors in Kingdom Valley Islamabad with a full range of expertise and professionalism.

Location of Kingdom Valley in Islamabad

In terms of location, Kingdom Valley Islamabad outperforms the other competitors. The kingdom valley Islamabad location map’s most appealing feature is its easy accessibility from anywhere in the city in a short amount of time. This demanding society is located near the M2 Lahore Islamabad motorway. It is one of the most convenient housing societies in terms of access from both the outside and inside of the city.

The ease with which residential colonies can be reached from major areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi has attracted a number of investors. It can be accessed from the following points:

  • A minimum of 25 minutes driving time is required from the International Islamabad Airport to reach the beauty society of Kingdom Valley Islamabad.
  • The residential colony is only 5 minutes away from Chakri Road and the M-2 Lahore Islamabad motorway.
  • The Rawat-Chakbelli Road is only a 26-minute drive away.
  • Adiala Road is located 25 minutes’ drive from Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

The scenario of landmarks and places from Islamabad’s Kingdom Valley is also incredible in its significance. The emblem of the society is to locate the critical areas of twin cities close to the society. Islamabad’s kingdom valley is surrounded by several significant positions, including the following:

  • Islamabad International Airport
  • City of Qurtaba
  • M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Highway
  • Islamabad-Kashmir highway
  • Rawalpindi

Status of the Kingdom Valley NOC

The project has been validated by the Rawalpindi Development Authority’s issuance of a letter of approval. Kingdom Valley Islamabad’s registration identity is unique in that it is a collaborative project of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme and Kingdom Group.

Investors who are concerned about the legality of land and property in this society will be relieved of their concerns following the involvement of the government of Pakistan in the society. In the case of a NOC, property buyers can verify the registration ID by conducting an online verification of the corresponding residential project. DRG/PHATA/2176-2021 is the registration number assigned to Kingdom Valley.

The project’s popularity has clearly increased as a result of its rapid approval and issuance of NOC.

The Master Plan

The assurance of providing top-notch quality of life aligned with primary amenities of life has added a distinct facet to the housing society. The provision of luxurious facilities in the heart of Islamabad has been arranged for the prestigious customers of Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

The allocation of plots based on size makes it easier to plan the purchase of plots. In this project, Kingdom Valley Islamabad Naya Pakistan has implemented a dependable yet high-quality infrastructure. Residential plots, commercial plots, farmhouses, apartments, and many other types of plots are available. The developers have worked hard to meet all of the investors’ expectations.

The residential plots for sale in Kingdom Valley Islamabad are available in the following sizes:

2 Kanal plot
1 Kanal plot
10 Marla plot
8 Marla plot
7 Marla
5 Marla
3.5 Marla

The allocation of such a diverse range of land caters to almost all categories of homemakers from various sectors of the community.

The essence of a futuristic state of the art has been instilled in the master plan of Kingdom Valley Islamabad. The architecture and map for the gated community of Kingdom Valley Islamabad meet international living standards.

The following are solid yet obvious details of various blocks planned for the top-quality society of Kingdom Valley Islamabad:

Kingdom Valley Building Blocks

Overseas Block

Overseas Pakistanis looking to build a home in Pakistan should consider the affordable option of Kingdom Valley Islamabad, which is equipped with all elite amenities. The prevalence of high-class facilities with a low price budget is a key point in this field. Investors with dual nationalities are also welcome to reserve plots in this opulent development.

Residential Block

Our investors have been given a collection of residential plots as well as other properties in this block. The masters real estate has sold a number of plots in Kingdom Valley Islamabad, each with its own set of advantages. After reviewing the portion of facilities and amenities, you will realise how amazing this project is in terms of prices and other requirements. As it sits along the colony’s main boulevard, the residential block commands a prominent position in the entire society. Furthermore, a peaceful environment, as well as a clean environment, have contributed to its qualities. The payment plan for the residential block also reveals information about the property’s affordable prices.

Farmhouses and a Commercial Block

The commercial block of Kingdom Valley Islamabad has been adorned with a massive business hub unit that will serve the society’s occupants. This block will meet the society’s economic, financial, and other business needs. In this block, shopping centres, supermarkets, and restaurants, among other things, are planned. The primary goal of the commercial block and farmhouses is to provide residents with land that meets their needs.

Villas in the Kingdom Valley

The Kingdom Valley Islamabad has set aside a section of land for the construction of villas. Because the building regime for villas differs slightly from that of formal houses, the authorities have designated a separate block for the development of villas. People who want to build their villas in the near future can get their properties reserved at this plot’s lowest prices.

Kingdom Valley Plan of payment

The following is a clear and correct overview of the payment plan for plots available for sale in various blocks:

The total price of a 1 Kanal plot is 2,500,000. The investor must pay a down payment of up to 275,000/-. The amount available for balloting is only 350,000/-. In the case of a 40-month instalment plan, the monthly payment is 26,000. The 8 bi-annual instalment plan, on the other hand, costs the owner 104,375/-.

A 10 Marla plot costs 1,650,000, with a down payment of 1,60,000/-. The balloting process begins with a payment of 230,000/-. In the case of eight bi-annual instalment plans, a minimum of 82,500 is payable, and a minimum of 15,000/- is payable in the case of a 40-month plan.

The total cost of an 8-Marla plot is approximately 1,350,000/-, with a down payment of 1,30,000. The split price plan will allow investors to pay a total of 67,500 twice a year, or 12,000 per month.

A 5 marla plot in Kingdom Valley Islamabad has demanded a sum of 9,75,000/-. The total number of ballots is 150,000/-. The down payment of 117,000 was made only once during the booking process. The monthly payment is 9,000 for a 40-month instalment plan. A bi-annual instalment plan requires a payment of 43,500 twice a year.

Amenities and Facilities

The significance of any housing society is demonstrated by the availability of basic and advanced facilities in a specific colony. Fortunately, Kingdom Valley Islamabad has met all of the criteria in terms of facilities. From the provision of modern facilities to the maintenance of quality, this fascinating housing project has addressed all aspects.

The builders have left a large plot of land for the development of green parks, pavements, and other environmentally friendly amenities. The owners’ goal is to provide residents with a luxurious and healthy lifestyle. Aside from these amenities, a grand theme park within the society has been planned to provide entertainment for both elders and children. The construction of other significant structures, such as hospitals, schools, and markets, has also been confirmed. The following features are included in the amenities designated for Kingdom Valley Rawalpindi:

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